Email drip campaign

Is it possible to send a series of emails to a new user?

For example:
Day 1: Send welcome email
Day 3: Send email from the community manager, with tips on how to start
Day 5: Send another email with links to popular discussions



Discourse is not mailchimp, you get welcome email and weekly digests, but you would have to use the API if you are looking for better fidelity and custom messages on custom rules.

I think user list exports would work better here than straight api usage. Unless you’re sending PMs to them?

From a community science perspective, this would be a very powerful feature.
If there is no chance of it becoming core, then we’ll definitely be figuring out a way to do it in our community.


Welcome personal message, which will only be mailed if the user is not on the website… hard to achieve unless you sign up and then close the browser.

That said this is mostly covered with the major caveat that we only ever mail if the user is not seen on the website for extended periods.

We’re planning to send a series of induction e-mails (every few days for 4 to 5 e-mails) in the first instance.

I’d pay for this, feel free to PM me if you get this going… via plugin or API might work well.

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@HAWK: Did you ever get drip emails up and running in your community? :slight_smile: I’m looking into this now and it would be interesting to hear how you solved it.

Only one data point to contribute, but as a user of a forum I would “unsubscribe all” on Day 3 of that schedule.

And the welcome email on day 1 would irritate me, as I would have already seen the welcome PM on Discourse itself, which is highly visible due to recent UX tweaks.

A user’s email tolerance is not something I’d want to test on my own forum.


Yes, but not using Discourse.
When a new member joins we use the Mailchimp–WP plugin to automatically add them to a new member list and then send a drip campaign from MC.


Following up on @ChrisBeach’s reply, I’d love to be able to send a few PMs for users of a certain group.

Use Case: New user signs up, receives welcome email (ConvertKit) to get them using the system. Moving forward, all communication comes from Discourse PMs (since they send their own email notification).

In the last 2.5 years, has anyone made movement on this?


We have something in the pipeline.


This would be super powerful when paired with Discourse Subscriptions plugin.



Do you have integrated discourse with WP or do you import manually?

That was 3 years ago! But we were using the discourse-WP plugin, yes.