Enhance About page website statistics


I have a feature request for the website statistics on the About page.

Is it possible to add the number of personal messages (and/or exclude them from posts - I did not check if it is included or not)?

Also the number of uploads is also an interesting number in my eyes.

/Edit: Personal messages count to posts, just checked here. In my eyes posts and personal messages are two completely different things and should not be counted together.
Btw, an statistic about reactions would be great, too. Or count likes and reactions together.


Just to confirm, the posts stats on the /about page don’t currently differentiate between PM and regular topic posts (as well as small action posts, etc) and are all grouped as one big number.

I think it would make sense to make these more specific as I think it would make them more meaningful (though I’m not sure how many people view the /about stats overall for each site).

Another one that’s been mentioned before is excluding staged users from the User stats.

When we do data explorer queries on similar metrics (and can be more specific in what we’re pulling out) it often raises a question as to why they don’t match the expectations from the /about page. Personally, I think having them be consistent would be a good thing. :+1:


Yes, according to this post that seems to be the case. Which does not make much sense, at least not for me.

I do not have an idea either, but our About page is viewed from time to time, by users and also by the admins. We all are used to stats like this from our old forum system (phpBB).

Btw, that was also the reason why I requested a record information for the Who’s online plugin. (I do not find my post anymore, strange, so I will post and request it again.)

Yes, I agree.

And, without being a programmer, I think that adjusting the About page with some more and more accurate/useful information, which is already available as database queries in the Data Explorer plugin should not be a lot of time and work.


That would be a welcome feature for those who like to keep track of sentiment within the community. Reactions may be approximately as indicative of the prevalence of sentiment as are likes. However, admittedly, the various reactions available may differ regarding specifically what they tell us. For instance, a like or a rocket can rightly be regarded as a positive reaction, whereas a cry could mean disagreement with what has been written or could instead mean agreement with a post that identifies an existing problem.

I suspect it would be a bit unwieldy for the statistics to offer an itemization of counts among the different reactions, although some of us might find that quite interesting.


Yes, exactly. There is the one and other discussion about reactions going on here, see here for example:

Unfortunately reactions still do not count as likes for trust levels. For our community this would be a real enhancement, as reactions are a lot more used than likes.

I also would say that negative reactions should count different for trust levels. But should there be a difference for a statistic which simply counts the number of reactions (or likes and reactions together).

Anyway, maybe you want to join the other topic, too. I also might ask if something is planned. :wink:

About the statistics on the About page I cannot write more at the moment, except that I am thrilled to see more there. :wink:

Yes, this is an interesting and complex topic. A user’s receiving a like or positive reaction indicates that others consider that user to have made a constructive contribution, and that can justifiably support the view that the user merits a worthy trust level. Receiving a negative reaction, if counted, could work in the opposite direction. However, for that to be fair, it would be necessary for it to be clear whether or not that negative reaction was directed toward the author of the post, or rather toward an unfortunate situation that the author very ably described, which brings us to this …

Yep! +100!