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(Markus) #386

@angus: I have thought a little bit about my issue with the new topic title declaration.

To keep all my previous topic titles unchanged, I just need the possibility to remove the text in “events event label short format”.

But if I do so, I’ve still found some (very long) unfomated date and time information in my topic list.

It would be great, if some function interpret an empty format field field as “show no date/time info” at all.

Wish you a nice weekend so far!

(Tobias Eigen) #387

My suggestion would be that you create a rake task or database query to search for topics with that scheme in the title and then enable events with dates for matching titles. It might get complicated but would not require Angus to put in work that he doesn’t need for his own purposes, and without extending the events plugin unnecessarily. It’s already full of some pretty amazing functionality and if he works on it more I’d prefer it if he added improvements to the RSVP feature. It has so much promise. :seedling:

I don’t know how to create this query, but I think alot of people (including me) would benefit from it. Maybe Angus can give you some pointers.

(Markus) #388

Sure, a rake task could handle this as well. Maybe? Actually, I don’t know, what will happen. I have no experience with that and destroying the database with no experience on a productive system is more than a fail.

But what I can say is, that some kind of “if-then-else” routine at the right line of code, would be much easier and other people like me, would also benefit from this.

IF (events event label short format) IS EMPTY
THEN replace ($date and $time value in topic lists) with (``)
OTHERWISE (do nothing and interpret the format as usual)

I really appreciate any kind of help.

(Angus McLeod) #389

Sure, that’s reasonable. I’ve made that change.

(Markus) #390

Thank you @angus ! This helps me a lot.

Bug: Not sure why, but on Mobile Safari, Discourse is showing the agenda still with date values.

Missing setting: I don’t know how this area is officially called, but I guess, if you could integrate the Events date edit button to this area, it would be possible to instantly add date/time values and Discourse isn’t bumping up each topic to recent activities. You might know the silent minor edits…

After re-enabling the checkbox in category preferences, all recently edited topics are visible on the front page. This is bad, in case, I need to push new material to this category and everything old will pop-up between the new stuff.

Maybe my expectations are too high and specific. But maintaining old events is a big pain in the ass :smiley:

(Angus McLeod) #391

I’ve fixed the issue with mobile :slight_smile:

Having an extra event control in the topic edit area has been requested in the past. It’ll happen soon.


Is there ICAL support yet? It’s not mentioned in the Media tab of the information panel in Firefox.


@angus Any news on why I can’t edit again the translations? I can improve them know that I can see them live, mostly small fixes, but the option is greyed out for me?

(Angus McLeod) #394

Yes. You can download an .ics file (“Add to Calendar” in topic), and / or subscribe to the webcal feed (“Subscribe” on the calendar).

Sorry, I’m not sure what you’re referring to. You’re unsure how to use Transifex?


I enabled the Agenda topic, and expected to have agenda.ics showing up in the media/feeds list of Firefox for all events mentioned there.

(Angus McLeod) #396

The ical feed is in the format webcal://{domain}/{agenda || calendar}.ics?time_zone={timezone}, e.g.
webcal:// Stick that into a ical feed service and it will work :slight_smile:


I’m trying to remove the “.” but I can’t save it. I don’t know why.

(Angus McLeod) #398

You might need to ask Transifex’s support team.

If you remove more characters does the button become active?


No, no matter how much I change I can’t save it. This happened after you accepted and pushed the translations…I think they may be locked?


OK, that’s what I’m saying: is available, and that’s fine. It assembles all events of all public projects across all categories in the site. Perfect.

But is not, and that’s annoying, because both agendas have nothing to do with each other: this one is/should be the specific agenda of the HCKLABXL, only relevant to the members and people attending event in Brussels, which is available using the Agenda tab.

So I would expect to serve the agenda for this specific agenda. I think it’s not complicated to do, I could even have a look at it, copying what’s already working to serve the main .ics, and adapt it to look up only events in the right category. Does it sound easy to you @angus or do you expect caveats?

(Tobias Eigen) #401

I wanted to share a use case for RSVP, and some ideas for improving it to support our use case.

Two weeks ago we organized Network Members Meet and Greet event in Nairobi on 16 October, 2018 - Community Discussions - Global Legal Empowerment Network Community Discussions. We made an event topic with RSVP enabled to support the event. We also sent PMs to members in Kenya alerting them to the event. Ultimately, people RSVP’d in three different ways: by clicking the “Going” button, by adding a reply to the topic or by emailing our helpdesk. We followed up with those who RSVP’d with logistical details by sending a bulk pm (which we figured out how to do via the API). To support this process, we created a spreadsheet of people who RSVP’d containing their names, emails, and usernames.

The meet and greet was a smashing success, and we’d love to do it again when we visit various locations or even to make it easy for members to organize meetups on their own without us. But the process above was a bit cumbersome and I’m not sure we’d want to do it this way very often. :slight_smile:

Here are some ways I think RSVP functionality could be improved to support the meet and greet organization process:

  • add admin option to allow export RSVP list to CSV, for separate processing
  • make it easier to invite people to RSVP by providing a URL method (e.g. click here to RSVP)
  • make the RSVP button on the event topic more obvious and easy to use, e.g. by displaying a popup when people visit the topic which they can dismiss. Maybe also the word on the button can be made more inviting, e.g. “click here if you’d like to come to this event”
  • close RSVP automatically when event date has passed (seems weird that people can rsvp for an event that has come and gone - is this a bug?)
  • add admin options to add and manage RSVP on behalf of members (and on behalf of staged users who are not yet members but who rsvp by email)
  • set topic notification level to watching for those who RSVP (same as a like)
  • add RSVP status options, and admin options for managing them throughout the process. Something like this:
    • registered
    • confirmed
    • attended
  • add ability for admins to bulk message those who RSVP’d to send logistical details in private
  • set up automated reminder notifications to RSVP that can be customized, to send reminders a week, day, hour ahead?

(Patrick) #402

Is it possible to remove the timezone ?

(Angus McLeod) #403

Hey Patrick, yes it is. You can remove timezones from event labels, by toggling these site settings:

  • events timezone include in topic

  • events timezone include in topic list

  • events timezone include in email

(Angus McLeod) #404

@hellekin I’ve added feed routes for sub categories :slight_smile:

(Patrick) #405

did that:

and still i have a time zone