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(Angus McLeod) #406

Ah you want to hide the timezone input itself. Those settings affect the display of the timezone in the topic, topic lists and emails.

You can set a default timezone using events timezone default, which will set a default timezone for the timezone input the Add Event modal.

There’s currently no setting to hide the input itself. You could hide it with css.

.add-event-controls div.control:last-of-type {
   display: none;

You should only do this if you’ve set a default timezone.

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(Denis Muraviev) #407

Hey, @angus!

Great plugin! Thanks a lot!
Is it possible to add this options?:

  1. Passed events RSVP change to “I’ve been there”
  2. Make a list of events in users profile: what events he visited in past and what event he is going to visit.

(Angus McLeod) #408

Hey Denis, thanks for using the plugin.

Those sound like interesting features, but before I get to stuff like that, there are a number of other RSVP features I’ll be looking at, particularly along the lines of what @tobiaseigen laid out above.

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(Admir Hodzic) #409

Apologies if this was mentiend before.

Is there way to get clickable topic on calendar hidden by amount of items for one day .

If there is more then 4 events on one day.
Calendar page shows more button, whic opens submenu but then topics are unclicabile.
There is no way to go to topic which is 5th event in one day

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(Angus McLeod) #410

Can you link me to your site where this is happening? I’m not seeing it, e.g. on my sandbox it’s working fine.


(Admir Hodzic) #411

My site is on private addresses , do you have static IP so I can open firewall for you and send you access


(Admir Hodzic) #412

Regarding issue whit opening hidden events by amount of item inside one day.
Looks like there is issue only in one of two cases.
I am not for sure yet what is an issue
When we have multiple events on day which repeat on calendar.
I am susceptible that bug occurs when you tray to see multiple events on day which exist twice on calendar
Eg. if you try to open 3 th day and there is also 3th day of next or previous month on same calendar.

Or it is issue when you switch month from current to next or previous

Yes there is bug
I did reprduce it on

Can you check 1.1.2019 on calendar to see behaviour of multipe events

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(Angus McLeod) #413

@adopilot Indeed! Thanks for finding that :bug: Now fixed:

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(Neemias Freitas) #414

Hi there @angus!

This really is a great plugin! Really nice job! But everything could be improved, right? So here are a few notes:

1. Event Recurrence

Although the plugin is quite complete when it comes to features, there is a trivial one that’s missing: recurrence. Sometimes the same event can happen at different times and dates (daily, weekly, quarterly, monthly, yearly…). It’s not optimal to create a new topic for every recurrence of the event, which is what we have to do now (or even change the topic’s datetime every time).

Having recurrence on events would not only solve this, but would also show it more clearly on calendar and agenda views.

So, would it be possible to add this “simple” feature?

2. Missing Icon

It may be possible that the recent update to FA 5 has broken some assets. One of them is the icon from the “Subscribe” button in the Calendar view.


If you currently don’t have the time to code these changes, please let me know so that I can help. I’ll just need some tips from you…

Anyways, Happy Holidays! :christmas_tree:

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(Quim Gil) #415

Hi, this plugin is being very useful in our website. Thank you very much!

There seems to be a problem with the iCal export. For each event, the URL defined is the URL of the calendar, not of the event itself in Discourse.

See the problem in action at – Apoyo mutuo entre amantes de la libertad under “Agenda”. Ideally each event should link to their corresponding topic in Discourse. Instead, all of them link to Foro

The problem can also be replicated importing webcal:// or just checking the metadata for each event at


(Neemias Freitas) #416

Hey @angus!

Any news on an update of the plugin?

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(Angus McLeod) #417

Hey, I’ve been away on holiday, but slowly resurfacing. Will take a look at this soon.



Hey Angus,
thanks alot for your effort this plugin fits very well our needs!

When you will inspect the mentioned problem of Quim Gil could you also have a look into that:

I created one calendar for one category of our whole discourse instance and in the “calendar”-view there you can subscribe via the subscribe-button (at the top right) this calendar. But when I try to import the calendar in my calendar provider with the webcal-URL I only get the message:
“The specified iCalendar source does not contain valid content and cannot be processed.” (translated)

I already tried to create a future event so there is data to share.

Any ideas? Thanks alot!

kind regards,



Figured it out :slight_smile:

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@angus, I noticed translation errors in the last commits: in French, an event is “un événement” (e acute, twice). Not sure who did this, so I wanted to insist here so this person can fix their own mistakes :slight_smile:

p.s.: évènement is correct but it’s part of the numerous idiotic orthographic reforms from the French Academy of December, 6, 1990. The bottom line is: if there’s already an existing string translated, “correcting” it is probably not a good idea. Comparing occurrences of “événement” and “évènement” will show why.


(Régis Hanol) #421

Why not do a PR directly on GitHub? It’s pretty easy to do when you’re just editing one file :wink:



This is the place for conversation, and coordination. I tried to click on the line at GH to make a comment there but it didn’t work. I wanted to have this conversation then, as 1) I’m busy doing something else, 2) I didn’t want to enter a PR war over the ‘right’ way to translate.



No one has an idea why the subscription to a calendar doesn’t work? Is there anyone where the subscription works out there?


(Chris Beach) #424

I’d find this very useful too. My users have begun requesting this feature.


(Carson) #425

Hi @Angus,

This is a lovely plugin! Great work!

A feature request: be able to set some predefined event types. Each event type has its own color. This way, on one calendar, different kinds of events can be in different colors.

More complicated:
Perhaps if these are akin to tags, one calendar could also be sorted to view by event types. Parties, networking, deadlines, etc.

Having a unified calendar, composed of multiple event types, to make it easier to view visually, and to sort it by event type, would be a very powerful tool.