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(Tobias Eigen) #165

I’ve now installed the events plugin on my instance and have started adding some dates to topics, though haven’t added it to the menus yet. Looking really good!

Some feedback:

  • would be nice to be able to add links to calendar and agenda on the hamburger menu as an optional setting
  • editing topics OPs to add events is a bit cumbersome - would be nice to be able to do this from the title edit interface as well which quicker to find and get to.
  • editing topics to add events adds a revision, but the date addition itself is not saved to the revision
  • no pretty onebox links to calendars?
  • when adding an event with end date, it would be nice if the end date picker would automatically change to the same month when I choose the start date, as one is used to seeing when booking flights. :slight_smile:


  • multiple day events with no start/end times are getting a start time showing up in the calendar - but not one day events with no start/end time

  • I added dates to a topic, then changed my mind and removed them - but the topic is still appearing on the agenda page.
  • I added dates to a topic and accidentally put them in november 2018. I went back and fixed the date to november 2017. but the topic is still showing up towards the end fo the list as though it were chronologically in november 2018
  • one of the events I added has a munged title in the calendar view and is illegible. see screenshot. seens the event on the 14th is overwriting the event on the 15th. should it/can it not wrap within the box? or at least have full name appear as helper text on mouseover?

  • from the calendar, when I select the forum title to go back to the front page, I am taken to /latest but it is filtered for the date range that was showing in the calendar. click again and it resets and shows all /latest topics.

(Angus McLeod) #166

Great feedback as usual :+1:


Thankfully, these are all relatively minor (from a code perspective).

Fixed. Like on Google Calendar, the default should be that the text doesn’t wrap and overflow is hidden. I might add showing full title on mouseover after I’ve addressed the other issues.

This is fixed:

Good catch. This only happens when the setting ‘remove past events from the agenda’ is off.

Fixed (you’ll need to save the event again):

I’m not seeing this one. Could you double check? Are there any errors in the console?


Good idea. I’ll add this later today.

Yes, I’ll add this as an option too later today.

Indeed, I’ll also add this.

This one is a bit more complex :slight_smile: . It will have to wait until we’re sure there are no more issues with the existing feature set.

Yes, I’ll add this too later today.

(Tobias Eigen) #167

Awesome - you’re a magician, Angus. I’ll plan to do an update tomorrow or Thursday.

(Angus McLeod) #168

I managed to repro this and it’s fixed now as well.


Angus, I stumbled upon this JavaScript application that creates a timeline: wouldn’t it be awesome to have this option integrated in discourse-events, linking to topics?

TimelineJS is released under the Mozilla Public License (MPL), version 2.0

(Sora &\) #170

Hello, How can i setup add event to all category, all topic?
I wanna add event when user comment, Display add event in Comment?
Thank you!
Can we setup quickly for all category user this plugin?

(Angus McLeod) #171

You have to enable events on a per-category basis, so you would need to turn them on in all categories.

This is not possible in this plugin right now, but it may be possible in this plugin in the near future.

(Angus McLeod) #172

Yes, timelines are nice :slight_smile:

If you really wanted to you could probably add one to a site via Site Customisations using the existing API endpoints for events, e.g.

You’d need to find a different timeline library though. That one requires you have the data in a google spreadsheet.

(Sora &\) #173

Please allow me access this topic. Thank you!

(Gerhard Schlager) #174

@angus probably wanted to link to Discourse-chronos 🌐 ⏲ instead of linking to a PM about that plugin. :wink:

(Mindaugas Bartusevičius) #175

How to change first day in monday on calendar ?

(Tobias Eigen) #176

Like this:

(Mindaugas Bartusevičius) #177

So how to change locale ?


The local means the language settings of your user. Example: If your user selected German as his language, the calendar starts with Monday.

(Mindaugas Bartusevičius) #179

what to do if no locale in my native language ? (Lithuanian)

(Angus McLeod) #180

I have a feeling this is going to be a frequent request.

I’ve added a control in the user ‘Interface’ settings that allows you to select the first day of the week.


The default is whatever the start of the week in the relevant moment_locale config is.

cc @ZackFea

(Mindaugas Bartusevičius) #181

So i need to update plugin ? can you tel my how? do i need to rebuild app?

(Frederik) #182

You can update plugins from


(Mindaugas Bartusevičius) #183

can you do for admin settings that for all users set start day andtime 24 h ?

(Chris Beach) #184

Hi @Angus. An issue has come up twice in the last 24 hours on my forum:

An event organiser created a topic with a date/time, and a lot of interested people got notified of the new topic via email.

Unfortunately the notification emails didn’t contain the date/time, so members are now responding to the forum by email to ask the organiser what the date is… I think she’ll quickly get annoyed at having to respond to each person to repeat the date that she already set on her topic.

Could you include date/times in email notifications?