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Great approach!
Now, would it be possible for you to also add a filter to remove closed topics from the map?


Sure, this is purely a locations plugin setting though.


i think it would be also useful to have those filter options for the agenda list, so that you can filter out past events and/or closed topics from the agenda.


:+1: Added site and category-specific filters for closed topics in the agenda.


recurring events ? (big ask I bet)

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Yeah, probably a biggish task. Let’s try to think it through though. Here are some initial thoughts:


  1. Event topic is reused (‘evergreen’) and event times update after each instance passes; or

    • Problem: The content / discussion across multiple events may not neatly fit into the normal linear structure of a single topic, making it confusing to follow.
  2. New topic is created for each instance immediately after the recurring event is created.

    • Problem: This may clutter up your events category with topics for events far in the future.
  3. New topic is created for each instance some time(s) after the recurring event is created.


  • If each instance has its own topic:
    • How to you manage the ‘event series’ as a series? A new modal? Where would this modal go?

    • If you delete or close a topic which is an instance in a recurring event series what happens to future events in the series?

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thanks for the agenda-filters!

on mobile devices the event dates are displayed after the topic title - not before the title like on desktops - and are inline with tags and category which can break the topic list:

on my sandbox i’m using the standard theme and have no other plugins installed besides your awesome event and location plugin. but on your sandbox the topic list on mobile devices is fine and the date will be displayed right before the title. any hints which could be wrong with my installation?

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I can confirm I am getting the same issue


There’s nothing wrong with your installation. The css does need tweaking and the placement of elements in the mobile template is incorrect. Try it now.

It now looks like this.

11 PM

cc @mikechristopher


thanks! i just was a bit confused since the placements on your sandbox were correct :slightly_smiling_face:

much appreciated work!

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Thanks for this awesome plugin. Is there any way to display event is passed/over in topic list? I mean marking title with red color or showing the time passed flag with them automatically.
Thanks again.

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I just merged a PR from that adds:

  1. German language support to locales
  2. A setting to filter all past events from the agenda (as is currently already done in the Map view)
  3. A setting which changes the short label in the topic lists to only show the start date (and hide the end date and times)

@Hamza_Ahmed Perhaps ‘2’ would work for you?


I use topic list as my default instead of category view. Is it possible to add button with Agenda on this level?
The goal is to have shortcut / button / link, to Agenda on main site.

EDIT 1 // Ok, I fixed that. But my users still reporting me a lot of problems, especially with “Add to calendar” button.
Button is not working with most of the browsers on Windows and Linux. There’s no problem on macOS though…
Problem confirmed on:

  • Browser Firefox 57, OS Linux
  • Browser Firefox and IE on Windows7

No response when click on “Add to calendar”

EDIT 2 // Ok, I found the main issue. It’s not about browser or OS, it’s all about role in discourse. So it seems that it’s working for admins and moderators, but doesn’t work for regular users.

I checked all settings, but cannot find any related to permissions, can you please help me with that?

Let me just bump it a little.
@angus do you have any clue why only mods and admins are allowed to make “Add to calendar”?
Button doesn’t work for anyone else.

Sorry for the delay, I’ll take a look tomorrow.

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Awesome, thank you a lot!

Fixed :slight_smile:


This is just great! I confirm, it works like a charm. Thank you for quick response and great plugin!


I think a “Buy Tickets” button should be fine with this plugin. When set a new even to can add a direct link for buying tickets.

@angus, there seems to be an issue (at least in v2.0.0.beta1 +35) where if I add Agenda (or in my case, Events) to the top menu, then remove it, that Agenda link stays there.

Top menu