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Cool. Thanks, Angus! This all looks terrific. :+1:

I just tested and this seems to have gone away. Maybe random behavior related to some browser cache issue during installation of the plugin.

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Small UI bug on mobile:

  • link to calendar export jumps to new line for dates that span multiple lines instead of aligning right
  • dropdown list flows over the left edge as a result

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Thanks for this report :slight_smile: I’ve scheduled this in for next week: Events mobile UI bug - Tasks - Pavilion

The events plugin has got a busy to-do list!


Hi @angus

There seems to be a bug that has creeped in last couple of weeks. All the timezones listed are UTC:

This has been fixed:

Thanks for reporting this! I’m trialing a new system for bug reports. If you could fill out the bug report wizard here:

Here’s an example of report that I just filed using the wizard:

When you create the report, I schedule it to be fixed ASAP


I vote for a standardized dialog with an consistent arrangement & alignment of the input fields. The official calender plugin has a nice one… I guess, we‘ll see much more useful plugins in case Discourse offers a framework for the most common UI elements


Do you find some aspect of the ‘add event’ modal confusing? Could you elaborate?

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Indeed, the official dialog looks more clean and important input fields (e.g. the until one) is always visible. Just the all-day checkbox seems to be missing. The best thing is, I can use it by tab key and don’t need the cursor all the time…

basic view

with details


hmm actually I find the opposite to be true. Open the Insert date / time modal and press tab. Then try opening the Add Event modal (e.g. here) and press tab.

Generally, I agree there are UI improvements that can be made, but I don’t see a huge difference between the date/time selection between the two modals that would reflect significantly in UX.

Hi, I think I have found a bug?

Create a new topic setting the date from May 20 to June 20 (or another combination as long as the day of the month is the day). All day. Save the topic.

Now the topic shows May 20 only, even if the calendar shows correctly the span of several weeks. (wrong)

If you change the end date to to June 19, then the UI shows May 20 - June 10 (correct).

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This feature request has been completed. See further: Add event edit controls to topic edit area - Tasks - Pavilion


Thanks for the report! This one was actually reported a few weeks ago and is next on the agenda to be fixed. See further:


Hi @angus, any hope you could give this Private iCal feed feature a try some time? What are your plans concerning it? It has become a critical feature for my community. :slight_smile:

Anyway, thank you for the hard and good work!

I actually pushed this a little while ago, but neglected to announce it. You can subscribe to private iCal feeds by adding valid api_username and api_key parameters to an ical feed url, e.g.

webcal:// key##

I’ve been using it myself on and it’s working well.

There isn’t currently any UI indication of support for it, but the basic functionality should work.


Can you invite a group when asking for RSVP’s?

Oh, fantastic! I have to give it a try as soon as possible on my install. I’m not familiar with this API things but that doesn’t seem complicated. :slight_smile:

(@oca , you may be interested by this)

This is now fixed:


This is now fixed. See: Events mobile UI bug - Tasks - Pavilion


I’d also like to able to filter events by tags. If you use the nav bar tag filter, it works only for the agenda view, not for the calendar and maps view. :frowning:
But that’s really complaining on a high level. I’ve just used the plugin on my site for the first time and its fantastic!

Edit: even better, if you could also negate tags, for instance “show me all events except those tagged ‘panel-discussion’”. And then the question becomes, can you do that with combinations of multiple tags? And could it also work for calendar subscriptions?


All good suggestions!

If you could make a formal feature request (and get @outofthebox and a couple of others to vote for it) I can add it into my workflow.

Feature Request (requires an account on my sandbox)