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This patch seems to work! I can tell that the difference between having this patch or not for us meant having a broken site or a(n apparently) fully functional one.

These were the effects of the bug:

  • Discourse not rendering to anonymous users beyond the header (totally unusable site).
  • For registered users, probably non-cached content (i.e. Latest lists) wouldn’t render, and the rest was a hit or miss.
  • Strangely enough, from three admins two would lose access to the web UI completely while a third (myself) still could access the admin interface and create a backup before rebuilding.

In other words: whatever is the bug, it can become a major one breaking the site.

Yesterday morning we upgraded Discourse, and the bug appeared hours later

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Note that if you were affected by this bug, even after the update you may still be having an issue with the “Agenda” topic list (the rest of the functionality is unaffected by this particular issue). I’ve made a PR to Discourse to address this secondary issue.

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The Calendar view has issues as well (Error 500). See Wikimedia Space & Events - Wikimedia Space

Er… and now it works without us having touched anything. :thinking:

EDITED: And now it’s broken again…

Second this. Colors are better than icons IMO because they come across visually on the calendar easier.

It would be great if a user could “subscribe” to each type, on the Calendar/Agenda pages, by un/checking boxes and having it save their preferences. Then they could elect to be notified each time one of their preferred type of events were posted. Less noise, more signal.

Thank you again for all of your development so far. This has been a great addition to our little non-profit. Amazing work!

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@quimgil @Jeremie_Leroy The calendar and agenda views should work again once you update.

See further:


Great, thanks @angus , i was wondering, is there somewhere i can sort the events by the soon on top ? -> Sortir - Activités - Français à Londres

Updated and so far it works. Thank you very much.


Hi @angus, any idea regarding the way events are sorted ? Many thanks

The best way to do this to my knowledge is to go into the calendar view, though ordering the topic stream by event date might be an interesting feature.

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i have been searching for a long while but with the agenda at the moment, i do not find the way to sort topic in the earliest first manner.

is it me ? is it related to this ? :

Ah yeah.
The “Agenda” tab only shows events to come in a chronological order I think. So events with dates that have passed already won’t be listed.

thank @Ellibereth, for your tips, i did try all the ways to sort in the events, but still i doesn’t sort it with the earliest first. See below ->

Agree, it would be really nice if the agenda showed it in order of event date, soonest (top) to latest (bottom).


@Jeremie_Leroy @DavidO Thanks, this issue was introduced recently with the fixes for the issues mentioned above. It should work as expected now:

cc @Ellibereth


yeahhhhh you are a rock star :partying_face::clap:


Not sure if anyone else has run into this, but today my Agenda page wasn’t pulling anything.

I was able to reload it a few times and get it to come up. Just odd. Doesn’t happen often, but that’s not the first time I’ve seen it.

From the above post, are the agenda items supposed to be in chronological order now? Mine still aren’t, so I’m not sure how to fix that, if they’re supposed to be. I did try rebuilding the app, to no avail. Thanks all.

@angus, I have noticed something with the agenda, i created a new event, and this one goes at the bottom of the list. I guess it doesn’t sort the new created events.
You can see here the 19th of september event -> Sortir - Activités - Français à Londres

Not sure if anyone else has run into this, but we have our events setup on a moderated category. When they come in for review, it doesn’t show the date/times and location on that view. But then, even if the topic is approved, it seems to somehow strip out the time/date and location fields. They don’t make it to the actual post after moderation. We tried it twice and ran into it both times.

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We have certain events that repeat throughout the year. Is there a way to add multiple date to the original event topic? Right now, we end up having to re-enter the same event multiple times with the different dates. Is there a way to choose multiple dates, and have those dates show up on the event? Alternatively, maybe immediately create all the events, when you enter multiple dates?

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