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Yep! Thank you. That is just what I had in mind.

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I just installed this nice plugin in my discourse installation (v2.0.0), but when I enable “All topics in this category must have an event.” for a category, nobody is able to answer to topics in that category anymore. The composer shows up and the “Reply” button is enabled, but clicking reply doesn’t do anything, not even showing an error in the console.
Is this expected?

Indeed, that was a bug. Thanks for reporting it. Now fixed:


This is an issue with different browsers having difference takes on rounding calc(100% / 7). This should fix it:

Thank you very much, issue is solved!

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I have enabled rsvp for some events in my site, and it’s super interesting and raises all kinds of exciting possibilities. I can see this getting big functionality-wise so use your judgment to decide how far you want to go! :wink:

For our use case, it would also be helpful for moderators to be able to rsvp on behalf of members, and to manage their rsvp responses.

Here are two examples. The first is a webinar we’re hosting next week - we have a few hundred interested registrants already, and it would be nice to be able to have that reflected at the top via RSVP. Can it handle that many rsvp’s?

The second is an event we are not hosting but alot of our members are going to be attending. We know already who some of them are and it would be nice to be able to bring them together via RSVP.

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I have both discourse events and discourse chronos plugins, but I still could not create recurring event.

There are not direct links between discourse-events and discourse-local-dates (the new name of chronos) at the moment AFAIK.


I’m seeing an odd error just today - I created a new event (with RSVP, if that matters) and in Sidekiq I’m seeing a handful of failures (just 4, which is much lower than the number of people notified for sure):

Jobs::HandledExceptionWrapper: Wrapped ActionView::Template::Error: Invalid Timezone: 

I assume this is a property of the user rather than the event, since not all notifications failed, but I’m not sure how to check the timezone on these users. Any ideas?

I’m seeing the same thing as @gwmngilfen, but on a larger scale. I’ve got 27 errors at the moment. All the same error:

Jobs::HandledExceptionWrapper: Wrapped ActionView::Template::Error: Invalid Timezone:

In my case, I’m using the plugin on two categories. And in both, it’s for showing multi-day events with start and end dates. So there are no times associated with any of them.

Thanks, the reference to all-day events pointed me in the right direction. This should fix the exception:

cc @gwmngilfen


Just got the information, to post it here (had posted it under bug).

I assume that this fix is also the fix for my problem and I will just have to rebuild.
Last rebuild was done 54 hours ago when I did the migration to beta2, so probably shortly before you did your fix.
Am I correct?

Yup, that fix will address the error you’re referring to.

I just noticed the nifty event details included in email notifications. Super cool! However, for all day events it includes time of day, including time zone which is a bit weird. Is there a way to have it not show the time of day in the email notification at all? I think it’s less relevant for our community.

It also shows the date from and date to when it’s a one day event which also looks a bit weird. Could you fix it so it only shows the date once if it’s an all day event that is only one day long?

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I’m setting up a new forum for another group, and the event date picker isn’t showing. Given this is working on my main site, I’m sure the issue is with me, but I can’t see it.

Events plugin is enabled:

It’s enabled for the category:

But no date-picker:

Nothing in the error logs in the admin panel either - what did I miss?

Is that settings screenshot from the Events category settings or the TMU Edinburgh category settings? Sub-categories don’t inherit parent category settings.

These issues with all day events in emails were fixed (June 23) after that email was sent (June 10).

All day events in emails now look like this:


Note also that there’s a site setting events timezone include in email which determines whether timezones are added to times in event labels in emails (i.e. non-all day events).

I’ve made this change.


That’s from the TMU Edinburgh subcategory. The Events category has the first “Allow events to be added” box checked but nothing else checked below that.

Is it possible to set which day is the start of the week? So set to Sunday instead of Monday? Thanks.

Hey Angus,
Just want to know when do you think it will be possible to add multiple events to one topic?