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Hey @csmu, does this one help?


Adding &api_key={valid-api-key}&api_user={valid-api-user} to the webcal url worked.


Hi, @DavidO
I’ve fixed this issue. You’ll need to update the plugin and your discourse to the master or tests-passed branch of discourse to use this fix.

Let us know if it works fine for you.


I’ve just updated to that latest version of discourse


with database schema v20190812141433.

and locations and events are no longer showing in the user interface.

Anyone else here having the same issues?


@csmu I’ve been running the same version on my dev instance without these issues.
What are the recent changes you’ve done other than updating the instance?

@angus, what might be going on here?

Hey @csmu, could you fill out a bug report here?

In particular we need:

  1. Links to your instance / topics where this is happening
  2. Any server or client-side logs you can provide

Which the wizard will ask for.

@fzngagan and I will follow up on that report.


I can confirm I run into the same issue. I am not able to create new Events. I’m on version v2.4.0.beta2 +328 and the latest Events Plugin Version.

Old Events are visible and can be edited. The Agenda is also missing in the category overviews.

If I can provide you some data just ask me for what I have to look :eyes:


Can you create a bug report here: Bug Report. I and @angus will follow up there. We’ll keep you updated on the issue.

I’m trying to reproduce the issue on a production site I’m running.


I’ve confirmed the issue. I’ll start looking into it tomorrow.

I’ve already created an issue here: Add Date/Time button missing on latest discourse - Bug Reports - Pavilion

All the updates about the debugging and resolution of the issue will be posted there.


The site is by invitation only. Please send preferred email addresses for the invitations via private message.

Any tips on what to look for … how to find the client side logs … what to look for in the server side logs … do I have to enter the container to get the logs?