Forcing a discourse subscription to be a one-off payment

Regarding the Discourse Subscriptions plugin, what would happen if I changed some settings from Stripe itself? For example, from Discourse it’s not possible to make a plan for a product a one-off payment. It has to be a day, week, month, or year-long subscription. But if I go into I can change an existing subscription to a one-off payment. Can I do this? How would this change how that plan functions in Discourse? Would it then be a one-off payment?

It most definitely is possible! If you uncheck the recurring checkbox in the plan creation screen, it will be a one time payment.

However, you cannot change existing plans once they’re created.


You’re right! I had a brain fart. What I actually meant to ask is whether it’s possible or not to have a one-off payment that terminates, and doesn’t go on indefinitely. For example, something like a “day-pass,” where you pay $5 and are put into a special group, and then after, say, a day, the subscription terminates and you’re then eliminated from the group until you pay again. Is this possible?

It is not at this time, unfortunately.


I do something like that in a plugin. I (loosely) add to the user_group model an action that when a user is added to the subscription group, does an action, and then removes the user from the group. In your case, you’d make it so when the subscription added the user to the one-off-weeklong group it would

  • add the user to the weeklong group that gives permission to whatever categories
  • add a job that will delete them from the weeklong group when the week is up
  • add a user custom field with the date the week started so you could delete them if you have some redis disaster
  • remove them from the one-off-weeklong group.

If you’re interested in such, you can contact me or post in #marketplace .


But that’s silly. Instead, just add a callback for the subscription (if it’s subscription) or customer (if it’s a one-time payment). Customer is sort of a misnomer. It has the stripe customer ID and the stripe product ID. So do something like

add_model_callback(DiscourseSubscriptions::Subscription, :after_save) do
      Rails.logger.warn("Now got a subscription #{self.external_id} for #{self.customer_id}")
      # do stuff

  add_model_callback(DiscourseSubscriptions::Customer, :after_save) do
    Rails.logger.warn("Customer #{self.product_id} for #{self.user_id}")
    # do more stuuff
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Hi have you solved this problem?

Can you provide more guidance? like how to implement this feature. I’m not familiar with Rails…thanks!

I think that’s my best free answer.


I have solved it by modify the discourse subscription plugin. Thanks.

But I found that I cannot delete products even using the original discourse subscription plugin. Do you have any idea?

You don’t need to delete them. They don’t hurt anything. They are needed as a record of things they you have sold. You should be able to delete them from the stripe console.


Stripe doesn’t allow products to be deleted either, but they can be deactivated/archived.

They say:



Don’t know if this is still something you want to achieve, or if you’ve found a way to do this? Sounds like it isn’t something that is built in to be automated with discourse, but may be some other way to do this. Seems sort of like a coffee shop kind of deal where you have to buy a new beverage every day to be able to sit at one of their tables.

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