Get aggregate user location data from IP addresses?

I’ve been researching the topic of “community” lately. Apparently a lot of online communities supplement with f2f gatherings.

Our user base is all over the world. and while I’m confident there are locations with a sufficient user density to warrant organizing an in-person meetup, I don’t know what they are.

So I’m wondering if there’s a way to harvest that from our instance via (I presume) user IPs.

I’m not finding anything obvious in the UI. Would I need to pull the data via the API & then do my own manipulations?


Keen to know this too, for the same reason. Did you get anywhere @ganncamp ?

I think the best way is to use the Data Explorer plugin to export the IP of all users, and then find an external website to find out where these IPs come from.

Just a reminder - some users might be annoyed that you analyze their IP data. Possibly a better option to initiate geo-location voting in the community.

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Yes, it doesn’t answer the original question, but I think asking the community to help self-organise would be worth a try. After all, some people can travel more, others less.

Use the Locations Plugin and encourage your users to enter, voluntarily, an approximate location within a reasonable distance of their real location, then you will see usable user clusters on the User Map.

I’ve been thinking how we might improve the searching on Location Plugin for clusters of users (and even topics). If you are interested in sponsoring that work, then please get in touch.


To answer the question, no I didn’t get anywhere with this. Not directly in Discourse. We spent some time looking at which would definitely help here, though.

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