Grant Badge when user visits link

How can I automatically grant a badge when the user visits a link within the discourse forum?


How about using the topic_link_clicks table?

I think I might have a manual badge that could benefit from this. :thinking: I’ll have a think.

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If it’s a specific link shared in a specific post, I think this one would do it:

SELECT DISTINCT tlc.user_id, MIN(tlc.created_at) granted_at
FROM badge_posts p
  LEFT JOIN topic_links tl ON tl.post_id =
  LEFT JOIN topic_link_clicks tlc ON tlc.topic_link_id =
WHERE tl.post_id = 1246
  AND tl.url = ''
  AND tlc.user_id IS NOT NULL
GROUP BY tlc.user_id

You’d need to grab the post_id of your specific post from its post json (or run a look up through the data explorer)


I think this could work.

I only want to grant this badge to members of our course.
Is there any way to hide a topic from the general public and only make it available to those who click on it via a link.

Secondly, how can this be done using Dfata explorer plugin?

I’m not 100% sure I’m following the method you’re using for this? You may want to have a check that you’re not overcomplicating the setup.

If checking the json isn’t your cup of tea, then a post_id lookup query would be something like this:

-- [params]
-- topic_id :topic_id
-- int :post_number

FROM posts 
WHERE topic_id = :topic_id
  AND post_number = :post_number

Then you can use the URL of the post to pull out the topic id and post number to enter into the parameter boxes. eg: (worth noting that the OP is always post_number 1, even if it’s not in the topic link)

Actually, there’s a magic parameter that might make looking up a post_id using the data explorer even easier…

-- [params]
-- post_id :url

FROM posts
WHERE id = :url

Paste the relevant URL for the post into the parameter box, et voila - it pops out the post_id :slight_smile:


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I just tried this but ti won’t output any ID. It’s just blank:

The red background makes me think it’s not a full post URL. If it’s a topic URL you need to pop a /1 on the end:

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That worked!

Im assuming this needs to be replaced with the post URL including the ‘/1’?

That bit needs to be replaced with the link they’re clicking on within the post.

And the post_id is the post in which the link is pasted/shared.

Oh I see, so there is no way to just grant the badge just by them visiting the post link?

I think there should be, but that would be a different query. :slight_smile: This one awards a badge for clicking on a specific link in a specific forum post.

If you want to award a badge for a user visiting a particular topic I think it would be:

SELECT DISTINCT tv.user_id, MIN(tv.viewed_at) granted_at
FROM topic_views tv
WHERE tv.topic_id = 728
GROUP BY tv.user_id

(Replacing ‘728’ with the relevant topic_id)

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Okk so I have it setup like so:

But when I visit the post in question (as an Admin), I do not get the badge. Am i don’t something wrong here?

As it needs the Update Daily trigger, it will be granted the next time the daily badge grant job runs. You can manually trigger Jobs::BadgeGrant from your /sidekiq/scheduler page if you want to speed it up to check.

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How can I make it update instantly?

The only available triggers are:

  • Update daily
  • When a user edits or creates a post
  • When a user is edited or created
  • When a user acts on a post
  • When a user is edited or created
  • When a user changes trust level


To have a more instant badge granted, you would need to work within the confines of those actions. You can read more in this topic - Create Triggered Custom Badge Queries


I did this but still not been granted yet.

FWIW, it works for me.

Have you enabled it? And have you made sure you have the correct topic number set?

Yes it’s enabled. Let me try on another profile. Maybe its because I am the admin.

Secondly, are you just pasting the topic link into your browser?

Being admin doesn’t make a difference for this one.

You would need to visit the topic for it to register in the topic_views table this badge is based on.