How to add custom fields to models

Yes, it can be tricky and a bit overwhelming when starting to navigate the Discourse codebase. It sounds like you’re trying to work with GeoJSON. Have you considered using or extending the Locations Plugin? That’s already set up to work with GeoJSON in Discourse.

A course in plugin development?

I’ve been considering running a free course in discourse plugin development, which is essentially what you need. I’ve already written the course materials for a course in theme development (see below). If 30 people vote for one in plugin development I’ll write a give a course (via zoom) in it.

  • Write and give course in plugin development
  • Don’t write and give a course in plugin development
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Introduction to theme development
  1. GitHub - pavilionedu/discourse-theme-introduction
  2. GitHub - pavilionedu/discourse-theme-css
  3. GitHub - pavilionedu/discourse-theme-colors
  4. GitHub - pavilionedu/discourse-theme-html-one
  5. GitHub - pavilionedu/discourse-theme-html-two
  6. GitHub - pavilionedu/discourse-theme-javascript-one
  7. GitHub - pavilionedu/discourse-theme-javascript-two

*ps if it hits 30 please let me know.