How to add new button in different color

I need to add a new button just like the originals, but with a different color. How could I do it?

Explanation step by step, my English is not very good. My discourse knowledge is not good either :smile:


There’s a theme component that makes adding links to the top nav really easy:

For custom styling, you can use that theme component and then target the link using the title attribute (which you configure in the theme component settings as the link description).

If you set up your new link’s description to be “This is an example title” you could target it using CSS like this:

.nav-pills>li[title="This is an example title"] {
   background: blue;
   >a { color: white; }

Doesn’t that target the header rather than the Top Nav?

This is a component for a specific link but might be able to be adapted depending on what you want the button to do:


ah you’re right, I linked the wrong component! Fixed my reply