How to configure Discourse as the sole user-facing login/sign-up provider for Wordpress site

We are setting up a Wordpress site with an associated Discourse community and I anticipate most user interactions to be happening on Discourse, but we’re looking at setting up a Wordpress Learning Management System that will require users to be logged-in with Wordpress to use it. We have WP-Discourse configured and working, but for simplicity and consistency, I would like to give Discourse control of all the user-facing sign-up and log-in behaviours. Wordpress is configured as a DiscourseConnect client, which means that the log-in form has a link to sign-in with Discourse, but I would prefer to send users to Discourse to do their log-in (ideally) and sign-up (definitely) then bring them back to Wordpress once they’re authenticated.

Is this a logical approach and if so, how do I tell Wordpress to redirect users to Discourse for those rather than using the default form? If not, what is the ideal way to achieve a similar outcome?

Have a look at this #howto.