How to Install Discourse on CyberPanel?

I Have Digital Ocean Droplet
OS: Ubuntu Installed CyberPanel
how to install Discourse on cyberpanel?

Can Anyone help me with this. I have serched for installation guide for cyberpanel.
can anyone help with any link or
I just want confirmation can i follow Tutorial for Ubuntu using cyberpanel terminal.

It’s not supported here, maybe am the cyberpanel people. You need shell access and the ability to run docker. It might be possible to have discourse and cyberpanel coexist, but it’ll be much harder than not using it.

What is appealing about using Discourse with cyberpanel?

If you’re looking for an automated tool for installing discourse on digital ocean with mailgun I’m working on launching It’s free for a while longer.

Can i Install using Docker manager. Pull request…

There are no graphical installers. The only one install guide is How to install Discourse in production

So can i go with CyberPanel Terminal…? is about to change that!


So I have Digital Ocean Droplet with CyberPanel.
So in short you saying that it is not possible via CyberPanel/CPanel

Now I know how to install it using Digital ocean Console.

But I have doubt
I have CyberPanel with Wordpress Website on it.
So if I Install Discourse using DO Console is it safe for Existing Installations means Wordpress & cyberpanel?

Sounds risky to me. The official Discourse installation guide (see above) says install on a fresh server. If you go for a combined CyberPanel + WordPress/Discourse set-up then I doubt you will have any support here if things go wrong. Having used CyberPanel in the past, I would not trust a combined WordPress/Discourse set-up to be entirely error free. The OpenLiteSpeed forum is full of problems starting with “I have installed OLS through CyberPanel and…” , and CyberPanel was built specifically for use with OLS. So the odds of Discourse success seem low, at least from my amateur experience. Best way to find out is to launch a fresh test server, install CyberPanel, WordPress and then Discourse and see what happens. Good luck!


You’ll want to leave that alone and install discourse on a separate server/droplet.