How to install discourse on hosting?

Hello i like your comunity and i desided to run discourse on my hosting but its confused to install it im runing centos eny help?

stuck on

[root@server public_html]# ./discourse-setup
which: no in (/sbin:/bin:/usr/sbin:/usr/bin)
which: no in (/sbin:/bin:/usr/sbin:/usr/bin)
Port 80 appears to already be in use.

This will show you what command is using port 80
httpd     467   root    4u  IPv6 616054      0t0  TCP *:http (LISTEN)
httpd     472 nobody    4u  IPv6 616054      0t0  TCP *:http (LISTEN)
httpd     473 nobody    4u  IPv6 616054      0t0  TCP *:http (LISTEN)
httpd     474 nobody    4u  IPv6 616054      0t0  TCP *:http (LISTEN)
httpd   13038 nobody    4u  IPv6 616054      0t0  TCP *:http (LISTEN)

If you are trying to run Discourse simultaneously with another web
server like Apache or nginx, you will need to bind to a different port

See meta discourse org/t/17247

If you are reconfiguring an already-configured Discourse, use

./launcher stop app

The issue is right in the output you’ve shared. Something else on your server is using port 80, which Discourse needs to use. If you’re not running anything else on the server you should disable NGINX, Apache, or whatever is using port 80. If you are running something else, you need to follow the instructions in the topic linked above,

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its runing ather sites the hosting holding about 20 websites so apache on port 80 is runing the server using cwp … so i cant shut down all server …

Maby im created wrong question is it posible tu runn discourse without shell aqess ?

No, it is not possible to run Discourse without shell access and root permissions.

ok if i got root premissions and i like to run discourse jus on one domain?

You need to configure the front web server to forward traffic to the docker container.


So i need to reinstall my whole server fresh install discourse and then configurate ngix to run ather sites yap ?

Or figure out an Apache equivalent to the “Create an NGINX ‘site’ for the outer nginx” section.

Some discussion to that effect here:


Also, there are many problems with CentOS and docker. Judging from the questions you’re asking, I’m guessing that it’ll take you several hours and a bunch of down time on all of your web sites to figure out how to install Discourse with your Apache server. First, though, you’ll need to figure out how to get Docker installed.

For $60/year, you could host it on its own droplet at Digital Ocean (or others).


no i ges its cheaper to place new server with Pentium® Dual-Core CPU E5500 @ 2.80GHz install fresh ubuntu and run it it cost me 80 euros for that :slight_smile:

Done runing on centos all ather sites moved to ather server … :frowning: system is awesom!

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