How to look up a user based on a user_id?

I’ve been looking at sidekiq and noticing an abnormally high number of failed Jobs::UserEmail jobs. Looking into the arguments almost all of them seem to be coming from the same user id. It’s import to note that all other emails are sending normally.

{"type"=>"digest", "user_id"=>398, "current_site_id"=>"default"}

Jobs::HandledExceptionWrapper: Wrapped Net::SMTPServerBusy: 401 4.1.3 Bad recipient address syntax

I’m unable to actually find the user by id to figure out where all these failed attempts are coming from. Any thoughts?

I’m not sure if you can through the Discourse interface, but you could use the Rails console:

u = User.find(398)

Alternatively, you can use the awesome Data Explorer plugin:

FROM users
WHERE id = 398

For me the quickest way is simply to make a request like this whilst logged in as admin:

This will get the user by ID 398.

Yes, the result is JSON but it’s pretty easy to read the first few lines.