How to run a pulled discourse image on digitalocean docker?

Hi, I’m a newbie in docker and discourse and today I encountered a problem. I follow these two posts to install docker and discourse:, How To Install Discourse on Ubuntu 16.04 | DigitalOcean.

After I set up my discourse, I did some modification on it, committed it to a docker image and pushed the image to dockerhub. Then I tried to pull the image from dockerhub and run it to get my discourse, but after I typed docker run my_image in terminal, it seemed this did not work. I googled online but did not find a good answer. Anyone has the idea on how to run this image? Thank you.

Direct modification of the image isn’t supported. Discourse can be modified in a supportable fashion through the app.yml and through plugins.

If you want more background about Docker images for Discourse then here’s a couple of topics:



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The way to build an image is following the install cloud document. You don’t want to make changes to the code by hand. You’ll need to make a plugin (but lots of stuffyou can do in a theme).

It’s possible to build an image, push it to docker hub, and run it elsewhere, but if you’re just starting auth discourse, you don’t want to do that.