How to use the calendar plugin?


I’ve installed the calendar plugin But I can’t find any wiki or else to know how to use it :frowning: I didn’t find anything on the readme of the github, neither on the thread, I’m probably missing something there, but I can’t find anything :confused:

The only thing I’ve seen is to use [calendar] [/calendar], and I did use it, but I don’t know how to write in the calendar the events :frowning:

Please help me :c


We should improve the docs here some @jomaxro


No doc then :frowning: ?
Can I have at least have a simple help then on how to use it please ?

Hi @aDaxxas, your request came in over the weekend, improving the documentation is on my list for early this week.

In short, you need to include the calendar BBCode in seperate lines in the topic:


Then, in subsequent replies use the Insert Date function from the composer options menu to insert a single date or date range. For example,

[date=2018-12-20 timezone="America/Boise"] → [date=2018-12-21 timezone="America/Boise"]

Once the reply is submitted, the date range should be added to the calendar in the OP. Once the event is over the post containing the dates will be automatically deleted.


Thanks you!

It was simpler than I thought ^^

The plugin topic has been updated with more detailed usage instructions.


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