Including stop words when searching

Is it possible to include «stop words» when searching or at least customize the list of words that are removed from searches?

I have a topic explaining the difference between «cuando + indicative or subjunctive» in Spanish, but apparently «cuando» is categorized as a stop word, so it’s impossible to search for this topic.

I am afraid tweaks like this would require a custom Postgres setup, you would have to self host and go to war with Postgres reconfiguring it


I’ve figured out that the simplest way to do this is to truncate the Spanish dictionary:

./launcher enter app
truncate -s0 /usr/share/postgresql/10/tsearch_data/spanish.stop

The problem is that every time I rebuild the image, I have to re-run this command. Is there a way to ensure this command gets run after every rebuild?

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Okay, I realized I can easily do this by adding this line to the custom commands section of app.yml:

  - exec: truncate -s0 /usr/share/postgresql/10/tsearch_data/spanish.stop

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