Integrate discordapp into discourse plugin

I’d like to request a feature/plugin to be made so that discordapp can be put smack in the forum or wherever the site admin wants it so that people can not only post on the forum but chat with those who are not on the forum through discord.


I second this, willing to pay.

Can you give us more details about your need?

I believe we’re looking for a shoutbox module that can be dragged/coded into any spot of the discourse foums to have the capability of all discord features within a smaller “shoutbox” on the site.

For example, you’ll notice some Xenforo sites (a different forum software) have a shoutbox addon called TaigaChat or what not. we’d like that but there to be a discord chatbox instead, so we can add roles and let members sync their discourse accounts to discord ones as well to log in and out of the shoutbox.

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OK, a shoutbox (a lot Discourse Bable) that’s powered by Discord, with seamless SSO between Discord and Discourse, and being able to read and write from Discourse into Discord.

That’s doable but a lot of work.

Doing a read only widget with latest chat from Discord into Discouse (that opens Discord when clicked) + showing new topics from Discourse in Discord is a good first step.


Someone was using Babble for this purpose a while back; there’s a hook url in the settings that can send messages to Discord (or wherever you like), and it should be possible to send Discord messages into Discourse as well.

It probably won’t have all the features you’re requesting out of the box, but I’m open to PRs for these things.


Was a more direct solution for integrating Discord ever made? Just following up. We got the same request.

No two-way mirror is planned, but this plugin will soon be officially supported:

You’ll find other Discord tools by searching “Discord” on this forum,