Introduction and question about how to best mark topics as "Answer"

This is my first post here. I participate in several forums that use Discourse and appreciate the excellent experience!

One of the communities is for Cantabile Software which is for live music performance. There are certain topics where expert users answer questions Cantabile users ask. Right now the Category is very broad as “Cantabile”.

One idea I have is to add Category called “Cantabile Tip”. It bothers me that it will no longer show up in the “Cantabile” category but maybe this is the simplest solution

A second idea I have is to use the Tag “Answer”. The only problem is how will people remember to use the certain tag we decide on. On way that I think would work is if we could force the suggestion list to always begin with “Answer”. Is there a way to do that?

It would be great if users could browse the most liked “Answers” or “Cantabile Tips” somehow.

Thanks for any advice on achieving this goal.

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Hello there :wave:

I don’t think using tags is a good idea as users will probably forget.

Have you heard of these plugins? I hope this is what you were after. We use the solved plugin and it works like a charm.


Thanks for the links - I knew there were plugins for Discourse but didn’t think to look there. Our small forum definitely knows who the experts are! The Solved plugin looks promising.