Is it possible to add someone to an existing personal chat?

I feel like there is probably maybe there is an answer to this somewhere here, but after searching I haven’t found it, and try as I might I haven’t been able to do this through the UI.

Is it possible to add people to a personal chat? I have found the personal chat groups to be tremendously useful in building community (less formal than a channel or group, amenable to grouping new and veteran users).

I often start a group chat to plan something — right now it’s a little online conference/workshop — and I often find myself realizing that I forgot to include someone, or else that someone’s particular expertise might improve the discussion.

Is it possible to add users after the initial member set up?


Not currently, but there is a feature request at Add a user to existing personal chat, and I encourage you to share your use case…

…over there. :slight_smile: :+1:


Thank you, will do! I should have re-run my searches tonight, might have caught it!


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