Is there a way to change or delete the secondary email


I searched here and in the API docs, but I can’t see any way to affect the secondary email. My primary need is to delete it, but we may want to change it as some point.

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The easiest way to figure out how to make an API request to remove the secondary email would be to create a test user with a secondary email address, then remove the email address through the UI with your browser’s inspector opened to its Network tab. That method is outlined here: How to reverse engineer the Discourse API.

It looks like you need to make a DELETE request to /u/<discourse_username>/preferences/email.json

The email you are wanting to delete should be passed as form data. For example,

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Thanks Simon,

I actually knew this, but for some reason, I hit the wrong “wrench” on the User Profile, and it didn’t show me the delete option. Once had the correct option I inspected it found what I needed. I tried it in Postman, it worked!

The curl for this is:

curl --location --request DELETE 'https://[discourse_url]/u/[discourse_user_name]/preferences/email.json?email=[address_to_delete]' \
--header 'Api-Key: [your_api_key]' \
--header 'Api-Username: system' \
--header 'Content-Type: application/json' 

Updated to add: Don’t forget to URL encode the email address. The API will respond with “success”: “OK”, but it won’t actually delete the address if you don’t do this.