Is there a way to export topics/posts that are displayed when filtering?

Hi, we would like to export specific topics after we filtered for them.

As an example: I filter for posts/topics that have more than 1000 views. It shows about 50 results. Then I would like to be able to export the 50 topics, answers included. The export as CSV or PDF would be my preference.

Background is, that we are trying to exclude one Category and before that, we need to export the most viewed topics.

Thanks alot!

Stick .json on the end of the path and that will give you a JSON export?



Then just copy the text from the browser … and store wherever.

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This works only for selfhosted discourse i guess?

Nope. That should work on any instance. Added examples above.

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Another solution is to recreate your query in Data Explorer, and that provides .csv or .json export formats



Alright I see. The .json works for the list of topics, but does not include the answers.

So I will have to use the Data Explorer instead. I saw that in another topic here before, but I thought there would be any other chance. Seems not.

Thank you @merefield for the quick response and help!


Just noting this initiative here as related:

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