Is there a way to track profile page views

(Jeff Atwood) #21

Yeah, I don’t think view count is needed on the user card. It also implies viewing the user card increments profile view count – does it? Is that a full “view” of the profile?

(Alan Tan) #22

Sorry it took awhile :smile:

(Christopher Heald) #23

Oooo… :slight_smile:

This is fantastic. I’m going to test on my local dev box asap.

Thank you!

(Alan Tan) #24

I have 1 views! opps 1 view…

(mountain) #25

Just noticed this feature on my profile.

I like it.


That is only another number users may use as “importance” or “relevance” against each other and may do things to up the number for that sole reason.

[Chicken wire mommy.][1] Yes. That.

Those who ascribe in some way to the modern geek/gamer/fandom culture use this as --pardon the crass of the colloquial term-- “e-penis”. Pageviews become social currency to where it is pointed out ad verbatim when a network or community detects the underlying influence (and the ignorance of it) on various inane incidents or the simple general collective mentality agreement as to what (pageview count) should be used to see who (members) is worth what (their standing and popularity) in the group.

Deviantart eventually gave the option to remove pageviews from one’s profile due to this effect.
Various other networks catering to the same/similar target audience either have the option as well, or only show pageviews to the profile’s owner, keeping it permanently silent to everyone else.

The idea becomes “if one chooses to show pageviews with their questionable behavior or tell others their current pageview tally in a near-constant and desperate mien during conversation, then it’s a good indication to underlying insecurity et al”.

I only say this as another viewpoint. Not to say “you need to make it an option or keep them hidden to everyone but the profile owner and admin/staff or Bad Things will happen”. Take it and use it as you wish.

Also, unrelated technical question; this only counts visits from visitors and not the profile owner? Or not the profile owner and staff?
[1]: XOXCO | I Love My Chicken Wire Mommy

(Jeff Atwood) #26

Should only count visits from people who are not the profile owner, correct @tgxworld?

(Mittineague) #27

I just tried to see if visiting my own would up the count. Even after refreshing and also logging out the count remains the same.

I don’t know about Staff visits. On the one hand I think they should be counted as visits, on the other a New user may think they are being “checked on” (and they woukd be right!)

(mountain) #28

Confirming your observation. Just noticed this as well.

Would like official confirmation anyway and if there’s other conditions where something is or is not counted as a view.

(Alan Tan) #29

That is right :smile:

(Bcguy) #30

Question - are the “User Profile Views” - all views that either logged in people, and unlogged-in people, make of a given profile,

Or is it just the logged in people’s views of different profiles?


(Sam Saffron) #31

Better ask @tgxworld that :slight_smile: I think its both

(Alan Tan) #32

It is both. Logged in and anon users will contribute to the profile view.

(Erlend Sogge Heggen) #33

This is in now so it’s pretty much ready for closing, but one question for @tgxworld first:

Could we also track profile-popups? I.e. the mini-box I get when I click your avatar from within a topic. To me that’s a really interesting statistic. We often tout this feature as a replacement for signatures, so it’d be really nice to see to what extent people are actually checking these out.

(Jeff Atwood) #34

Sure sounds reasonable, up to @tgxworld!

(Sam Saffron) #35

We would have to track it in another bucket, and then we need to decide how to expose it in the UI / Admin.

I don’t know, I don’t feel this is a super important statistic.

(Jeff Atwood) #36

I think it should go in the same bucket. It is a profile view. I support that design, feel free to make it so @tgxworld.

(Alan Tan) #37

Ok this is done

(Jeff Atwood) closed #38