Is there an "automoderator" feature/plugin within Discourse?

Is there an “automoderator” tool /plugin within Discourse that would let you be able to set up rules like the automoderator on reddit?

There isn’t currently an Auto Moderator that preforms tasks etc in Discourse. However, we have watched words available


In addition to the filtered words, trust levels provide a decent level of customizability in terms of what new users can post. What specifically are you looking for in terms of rules?

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limit submissions to X per Y hours from the same user.

Automatically recognize duplicated posts and remove them.

Prevent posts with say 90% caps in their titles, and also emoji spam in titles.

Ban certain domains/URLs in comments but not submissions.

Having the option to not allow editing of a submission after its made

Ban URL shorteners

Option to require the account to be X old before being able to post submissions.

This is automatic (full caps titles get lowercased, and max emoji in title is a setting)

This isn’t as much of a problem on Discourse compared to Reddit.

Setting min trust to create new topic

Again, a problem much more relevant on Reddit than on Discourse.


I appreciate your response, but on the answers where you say it’s a much bigger problem on Reddit, would it be hard to implement these options? I just need to safeguard for potential future problems

Pretty much everything you proposed above already exists in Discourse.

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