Is there an easy way to set a discouse instance temporarly in read-only mode?

is there an easy way to set a discourse instance temporarly in a read-only mode without changing all categories?

We would like to give our moderators team a christmas/new years break, therefore we are looking for a possibility to set the instance in an read-only mode without changing every categories rights. So that the users could still read the documents but would not be able to create new topics or to post new answers. So no moderators would be needed during this time frame because most probably also nobody would flag a post.


Sure, you can enable/disable read-only mode from


by the way, we just tested it and found a bug when it is in read-only mode.
You can start to create a post or topic but you are not able to save it then, where the message is shown that the site is in read-only mode, which is fine.
But you are also not able to cancel it. :wink:
So the message remains and when the site is switched back online, then you are able to cancel the post.
Would be great if it is possible to cancel the message also in the read-only mode.

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