Just updated, getting 429 errors in Edge

A user just reported not being able to access any topics on blenderartists.org in Edge. He sees the following message in the console:

HTTP429: TOO MANY REQUESTS - The server is refusing to service the request because too many requests have been submitted by the client.
(XHR)POST - https://blenderartists.org/logs/report_js_error

I just tested here on Meta too and got the same error, as well as:

SCRIPT5022: SyntaxError
application-b3556b113cb3143e8f644cc27166bfe827925980ba6e06d67060c311601cc4c3.br.js (1,2404988)

which leads to:

           if (!siteSettings.show_copy_button_on_codeblocks || isIE11) {

Looking at this thanks


So this is only “previous edge”, recent edge is working fine.

Probably something is not accessible in this edge, will see if we can polyfill or just disable support of copy codeblocks for “previous edge” in this version.


That should fix it:

Asking to a coworker to double check it fixes the issue, and I will then merge it and backport it into beta. It means this feature won’t be working for this user. We could probably make it work but given recent edge works I think this is OK, this fix ensures browser won’t crash if they don’t support any of the css selectors used in this feature.


I think he can live without the code copy button, but this will fix the 429 issue too?

The server only accepts one ‘JS error report’ per minute per IP, so that’s why the 429 appeared. Nothing to worry about, it won’t affect anything. Unfortunately we can’t suppress HTTP errors from the console.


Merged and backported into beta

Thanks for report :+1: