Keyboard shortcuts in editior break standard OSX shortcuts

(Kportertx) #1

On OSX, I frequently use the following standard shortcuts that work across all applications:

  • ctrl+e for end of line
  • ctrl+a for beginning of line
  • ctrl+k to copy from the cursor to the end of the line
  • ctrl+y to paste copies made with ctrl+k

Of these ctrl+k and ctrl+y do not work which has been somewhat frustrating since this is the only app I use where they do not work :confused:. This negatively impacts my user experience :frowning:.

(Jeff Atwood) #2

This is also true at Stack Overflow with the editor – it’s a shared open source component with default keyboard shortcuts.

There are alternative keyboard shortcuts for doing those functions, e.g. end takes you to the end of line, home takes you to the beginning of the line, etc.