LDAP sensible data hidden to admins?


I’m a newbie about this LDAP authorization stuff, so I’ll explain my issue with very simple words.

My company adopted discourse for an internal forum after I showed them how nice it was :slight_smile:. They created a new instance on our company internal server, configured LDAP for secured authentications and restored a backup from my old Digital Ocean discourse forum.

In the process, my admin privileges have been downgraded to moderator. There are privileges that I am really missing such as category editing or user group managing.

The new admin who is also our company network architect, sent me a snapshot of the Admin/Settings/Plugins tab. He hid 2 parameters from the LDAP plugin:

I guess those are very sensible parameters that I should not have access as an admin of the forum, since I am not an IT but a simple employee in my company.

Is there a way to regain my admin privileges and yet those informations to remain hidden to me?

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That’s basically what I’m trying to get at here. If there is a way to have restrictions on administrators so they have access to the features they need, but not absolutely everything. There currently doesn’t seem to be a way to do this with default discourse.

There are no plans for this at the current time.

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