Learning Management Systems

Hello Discourse Community,

Any recommendations on learning management systems like moodle that can be integrated with discourse?

I am looking for an LMS that would allow courses to be held to supplement a community of practice and allow my client to monitor the progress of all the COP members.

Any thoughts?


Back when I was a college professor teaching teachers to use computers, I used discourse to teach my courses. Here’s a syllabus. I had a handful of scripts that did things like using badges to assign grades to a spreadsheet that I was then able to upload to the CMS’s gradebook.

I really liked it because all student work was public and when people had trouble with an assignment, I’d re-work the assignment during the course, which, were I to write such papers anymore, I’d argue made it possible to get several year’s worth of course improvements in a single semester.


This sounds pretty great. We typically have this approach for the non-confidential discussions but with the industry our client is responsible for training, we want to make learning progress highly trackable for each individual member/group (along with metrics) while maintaining a forum as well. Hence the idea of LMS combined with Discourse. The client will procure experts based on the many topics.

I will brainstorm on how to use your approach in some other community plans we have. This is very well thought out and I see the value for driving engagement. Thanks @pfaffman!


This might help: Embedding Discourse Comments via Javascript

Hi @pfaffman, I was curious to hear more about your experience of using discourse for teaching. It seems the link you posted is down, can you share more about this experience?