Link to a post within the same topic should load post dynamically (without reload)

(Aahan Krish) #1


The idea is, when you are viewing a topic where one of the posts is linked-to from another post within the same topic, clicking the link should load the post dynamically, just the way the “go to post” button does.

Currently, the page is reloaded before the user is taken to the post. I find this functionality very sensible, if not too complex to implement.

The “go to post” button I was referring to:

(Jeff Atwood) #2

You mean links to posts earlier in the topic, from posts written later in the topic?

@eviltrout is there any way to normalize the behavior here, when you are clicking on a link that points to a post earlier in the topic stream?

(Aahan Krish) #3

Partly, yes. I actually meant both ways, be it links to posts earlier or later in the topic (e.g. on my forum the first post in a topic is an editable “Table of Contents”, for some categories).

(Robin Ward) #4

I couldn’t find the link to/from post #19 but this behavior should already exist. If you are navigating from one post to another, it goes through the same “jump to post” logic that using the progress bar does. If it doesn’t, I’ve missed a weird case and should fix it!

Can you tell me exactly what link to click to demonstrate this?

Bear in mind if the post segment does not exist in memory you will see a Loading… indicator first.

(Aahan Krish) #5

@eviltrout To reproduce the behavior: