Love the "Anonymize User" feature - thanks!

Hi @codinghorror,

the anonymizing feature is a cool thing, sometimes a user asks to delete his account. But as I tried that feature on my test installation I’ve noticed that the username is changed to anonxxxxxxxx, but the full name is still the one of the user and the email address is not removed. Also the “anon” user is still listed as active.

Is it intentional that the anonymizing seems to be a “half thing”, leaving the full name and email still with the anaon account?

The anonymized user can - in default state - log in and even request a new passwort with the “Forgot password” function. So he’ll be able to be active with the “anonxxxxxxxx” user account.

In my understanding a fully anonymizing would also delete full name and email address and make the anon account inactive.

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