Magento 2 as SSO Provider?

I wanted to ask if anybody in here has achieved an integration where a Magento 2 instance is used a SSO provider for Discourse.

We tried to use Auth0, for example, and integrate Discourse and Magento 2 separately with this central database. But while this works nice with Discourse, on Magento’s side it disrupts the login/registration flow, which is so important while a user is completing a purchase.

So we were thinking of instead using Magento 2 as the SSO provider which we would use to login in Discourse; anyhow it looks like there is no existing solution - or am I missing something?

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I am not sure, I am looking for the same info. I found this post, and it has some links for setting this up with wordpress, but I am not seeing anything for Magento: Official Single-Sign-On for Discourse (sso)

If I can figure out anything I will be sure to come back and share, if you or anyone else figured/figures out setting this up with Magento then please let me know.

We considered Wordpress with Woocommerce for our shop because of the large number of people using it, however for digital goods with a subscription model there is not great support.

I did however find that Magento supports recurring subscriptions if you use stripe, and it does so pretty much right out of the box:

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