Manually editing the alt image attribute

I went to manually edit in the alt image attribute on a post and the checked with Google.

If a post has an image, it still shows no image field and no image for the page. What it shows is just the raw file name and size in the article body section.

The item list element is also throwing an error that item list element is required.

How can this be fixed?

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Raw HTML should work, you can also use Commonmark.

![alt text here](upload://Acz6ggl3eq3U1mHPZAIoOcZA3iP.png "title text here")

Resulting HTML is

<img src="https://...image.png" alt="alt text here" title="title text here" width="511" height="500">

You can verify this yourself by pressing the f12 key in your brower and inspecting the rendered HTML, above ↑

Note presence of ALT and TITLE text in the resulting HTML.