Mark notifications as read from Discourse API

Hi all,

I am working in a project that has discourse integrated with several apps, by now, I need to be able to allow one of those external apps to mark notifications from discourse as read but of course, consuming the API.

For instance, if I try to hit the notifications/mark-read endpoint I will get

Nevertheless, I will stress that I have already manage basic things as CORS config and token handling from outside (For instance my component is able to login/logout the user and pull user notifications).

The idea is that this custom component has a button to “Mark all as read”

I have also seen this “clear_notifications” method

And it while it looks like the thing I can use it seems to not be exposed or available for the usage outside discourse app?

Thanks in advance for any help.


You should mark notifications as read from the backend, not from the frontend.


Thanks for the answer, nevertheless, just to double check: It means there is no built-in endpoint that I can use from outside front-end in order to mark the notifications as read?

I should add that functionality myself on the backend and then consume that new endpoint to mark notifications as read. It is like that?

Anything you can do from the website you can do from the API per:

The problem here is that delegating this to clients is inherently unsafe. How do you have confidence the end users are even logged in to Discourse?


In my very specific case the problem was related to the fact that I had one plugin in place that rewrite the class Discourse::Cors method def self.apply_headers(cors_origins, env, headers), thus, I didn’t have the behaviour of the Discourse source code defined at but instead some custom thing that I don’t even need.

Once I remove the plugin I get back the core definition for CORS and everything works as expected.

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