Mobile apps re-branding/ White labeling


We are using Vbulletin since 2004 and on mobile side we are using Tapatalk app. Tapatalk( also provides a app for global audience and plus for registered users, it allow to create private app with your brand and this is working well for long time.

We started Discourse migration few months earlier and now it is in final stages and we need mobile apps. We have seen Discourse apps both on Apple store & Android play store? Do you provide re-brand feature or can we do our-self since Discourse has open-sourced the applications?

Can we re-brand Discourse mobile app(Android / iOS) apps and upload with our brand name on Apple & Google store with some label ‘Powered by Discourse’?


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We don’t have any re-branding strategy for the iOS and Android apps, sorry. If we did, it would likely be a $1k+/month high end enterprise hosting add-on (by that I mean on top of the normal enterprise hosting fees) as the amount of effort involved is extreme.

ok, thank for quick reply. Is there any license issue if we rebuild mobile app ourself and publish with our names on Apple & Google store?


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Not sure, what is the licensing here @sam?

According to the Github repo it has an MIT licenses, so that should allow anyone to take the software and do whatever they want with it as long as they keep in under the MIT license, keep your copyright notice (which needs to be fixed, your company is CDCK, not TODO), and doesn’t hold you liable.


There is also the backend endpoints it use, like the push notification that only work for our hosted sites.

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thanks sorted that out!


There is a #faq topic on this now courtesy of @sam