Multiselect Custom User Field not appearing in Search?

I added a Custom User Field.

My interface shows this field:


I clicked the box.

I set up a multi-select list.

I can successfully alter profiles with the multiselect list.
It happily shows up on my User Card.

Quick Search on the field name or the multi-select values does not find my user.

Advanced Search on the field name or the multi-select values does not find my user.

Advanced Search on the field name or the multi-select values and specifically selecting “Users” in the dropdown does not find my user.

Admin Area - Users - nope, could not find a way to search there either.

Admin Area - maybe there’s a global field interfering with this feature - could not find anything.

Discourse Meta forum - maybe the answers are there on the global setting - could not find anything here.

I’m super frustrated.

Is the bug that the field exists?

Is the bug that Advanced Search isn’t displaying the multi-select list when I select Users in the dropdown?

Is this a user education bug and I need to click super secret Admin settings?

Is this a poorly labeled field that has nothing to do with system searches?

I don’t mean to sound like a jerk - I’m very sorry if my frustration is coming across in my writing. I’m exhausted and I just want to cry. I’ve spent so much time reworking our process and delicately announcing the changes around this feature that may not be a feature at all.

And yes, I am a complete dumbass for making decisions based a field label without actually testing it first. My frustration is of my own making. I know better. I was in QA for 17 years. I know better. Ever-alpha-software. I know, I know …

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Ooof. This does sound frustrating. I think there’s a delay in the information being added to the search index, but you can speed it up by manually triggering Jobs::ReindexSearch in your /sidekiq page (if you have access to it).

I’m going to try setting one up to double-check. :+1:

(To speed that test up I triggered both Jobs::ReindexSearch and Jobs::DirectoryRefreshDaily, after I made sure my test user had made at least one post - not sure if all those are strictly necessary :slight_smile:)


Thank you so much for checking this out. I’ve found the problem.

Several of the Workshops use 's, so the multi-select item is things like “The Creative’s Workshop”

Creative’s Workshop returns nothing
Creatives Workshop returns nothing
Creative Workshop finds them

I’m just going to remove the apostrophe’s.

ok, that worked

There was a side effect:

Renaming them left the 's version on people’s cards.
Profiles - the multi-select field - now displays under the new name, but has been moved down to the “not yet selected” area.

thank you so so so much for your time
I hope you have a wonderful day!


Nice find. :+1: And hopefully that’s brightened your day up a bit too. :slightly_smiling_face:

I’ll give the apostrophes a test run, and leave a note in the guide if it’s not something we can change. :+1:


I’ve given this a run-through today with ‘The Creative’s Workshop’ as one of my multi-select options. Interestingly it finds the user, but doesn’t display the custom field in the search results if you search for an exact match for ‘the creative’s workshop’:

Whereas it will for anything not including the apostrophe:


I don’t know if this makes a difference:

I was using Advanced Search and selecting Users from the dropdown.