Navigation Menu (Sidebar) Modifier

This great,

@Lilly awesome plugin, I had a thought on what @Firepup650 and I are trying to do, have separate custom sections for anon and logged in users.

When I see the UI, the key issue here is there is only box to enter the names of the custom sections to hide which applies to both anon and logged in users.

If you could add separate box of custom sections to hide for anon users and separate box for custom section to hide for logged in users, this would allow us to have a custom sections for anon and logged in users and simplify the entire process. (I love your menu sections plugin but that’s an overkill for this simple use case).

I will make you a theme component for the show custom section for anon. Just give me about an hour.

Edit: @RBoy here you go:

This component does both functions you asked: allows a menu section to be specifically visible for anon users and/or a section visible to logged-in users.

Let me know if you need help installing this theme component. :slight_smile:


Greetings! This is an exceptional component I’m already making use of :clap:.

Is it conceivable to append additional settings for the selection of certain categories in the sidebar? At present, the administrator does not have (or at least, I have not found such an option in the admin settings) the ability to specify which categories should be displayed in the sidebar, and which should not.

Perchance my next query doesn’t pertain to this particular facet of the subject, necessitating the drafting of an autonomous post, yet I find myself confronted with the ensuing conundrum:
Aside from categories, is it feasible to incorporate into the sidebar a similar dropdown list of subcategories with an arrow? :arrow_forward:.
For instance.
:arrow_down_small: CATEGORIES (*The designation of the segment within the lateral console.)
-- :arrow_down_small: :blue_square: Category 1 (*Parental)

  • Subcategory 1
  • Subcategory 2

-- :arrow_down_small: :blue_square: Category 1 (*Parental)

  • Subcategory 1
  • Subcategory 2

This is in admin-settings- default navigation menu categories and there is also one for tags called default navigation menu tags if you have tagging enabled:

Note that users can override this in their own category sections of the menu with their own pencil icon (next to the category header).

It is also worth noting that the sidebar menu was renamed “navigation menu” in most places in core and documentation, so using sidebar in the settings search is likely going to give incomplete results.


I don’t know but it would more than likely require a custom plugin if it is at all possible.

This component needs an update and I plan to do this later in the week.


Thank you :raised_hands: It appears that I have overlooked this particular point.:man_facepalming:


No problem @Aizada_M :slight_smile: I am glad I could help. This is a common question that I always have a link to a solution ready for.

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Wow you’re amazing. Yes I should be able to install it using the instructions in the first post.

I thought you were updating the current sidebar modifier plugin to add the extra box in this plugin itself. Would it possible to add the extra box to this plugin itself rather than having a whole separately plugin (sorry didn’t mean to have you create something brand new).


I will combine them later this week when I update the Navigation Menu Modifier component. I have an open project on this but for now use the separate one I made for anon users. The reason is mostly because there have been some changes in core since I built this one that I need to adjust for and I want to split out the formatting from the functionality options. There is a bit too much going on in this component and it needs some TLC :heart:


This TC is now deprecated in favour of the Navigation Menu Display Control theme component. Please use that one instead for the functional changes. I will be making a new one for formatting menu sections in the next couple of days, which will replace the formatting overrides this one provides.