Need plugin code for customised dicourse header

Is there any plugin available for discourse header customisation rather than CSS/HTML changes in theme

There was:

I’m not sure why you need a plugin when we have a lot of theme components for customize the header.

If you want to use the plugin for any reason, you have to fork and update it to work again.


What problem are you trying to solve? Plugins still customize things with CSS and html.


This component is getting added above the default header(containing Login,SignUp etc.options) in discourse
I need a plugin that modifies the existing header in my own way

Yes with CSS and HTML changes in plugin and not in theme files.
I need a custom header plugin

See Adding links to Discourse header - #2 by cpradio, and specifically


Thank you, could you please explain a bit more as I am new to discourse

I have only linked you to a discussion about what you are asking and a plugin that another site has used to build your own custom header so you can see an example of what you are looking for.

If you are looking for a plugin that is ready for use, at the moment it does not exist because it has been replaced by the theme components. Furthermore our themes don’t work only by changing Html and CSS or JS but they can also overwrite templates almost like a plugin does.

See Developer’s guide to Discourse Themes for more info.


Thank you for the support