PAID Require Discourse expert for extreme customization

We are looking for a developer with a good knowledge of discourse and a passion for developing on the platform.

We are looking to create a highly customized version of discourse. Our site will itself be a platform where each user can create their own ‘room’, with a room being similar to a discourse category.

There will therefore be thousands or tens of thousands of rooms. The owner of a room will have some form of extra moderation privileges. And each room can be public or private at the owners discretion.

Looking for referrals on a full time developer at an hourly rate.

I like to think I have a fair amount of Discourse know-how and I have a question.

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What exactly do you mean by “similar”?
IMHO having more than two - three dozen Categories is a poor idea.

Putting the privileges aside, would using Tags in some way be acceptable?

Sounds like Reddit to me. There’s 100,000s of subreddits.

Yes sort of like reddit except it would be about one subject, which itself is highly fragmented.


So the idea is very similar to which is probably the biggest stock forum on the web.

If you scroll down you’ll see “Top 10 Active Stock Market Forums” and “Top 10 Active Stock Traders Forums”. ihub has thousands of separate forums, anyone can make one and each fosters its own little community.

For every stock there is an ihub forum, with its own moderators interested in that particular stock. In addition, anyone can start their own ihub forum about a particular investing methodology for example “value investing”.

But if you click on one of these forums, you’ll see they are similar to a discourse category.

I don’t know enough about discourse yet to say, could it offer similar functionality to that described above?

No, Tags would not.

Thanks for explaining what you’re wanting.

Currently Discourse does have “multi-site” though I don’t know if it could handle “thousands or tens of thousands”
And the “hub” would likely be a maintenance nightmare.

That is, as Discourse is now.
Not that it would necessarily be impossible for a developer to work it into what you’re wanting.

Could you point me to an explanation of multi-site, I can not find it.

In what way would it be a maintenance nightmare? One concern I have is, would it be possible to keep discourse updated with such an extreme customization of the software?

Could it be as simple as a plugin that allows a user to create a category and bumps that user to the highest trust level permission within that category only?

It could even be that an admin still needs to create the category, and promote that users “local” permissions.

One difficulty with having many categories is that you will need to come up with a way of organizing them. You might be able to achieve that kind of a structure by adding tags categories. Maybe that could be done with a plugin.

It’s easy enough to rename ‘category’ as ‘room’, but you’ll need a way to have that change reflected in your site’s urls.

Something like category specific moderators might help:

I’m not a sys op so most of it is over my head, and because I have not been interested in a multisite I have not read most of it, but there is this howto which may help

Currently multisite forums are separate, That is, they may have the same “owner”, but they are not cross-linked. So any “hub” would require a lot of manual work

It would depend. If the forum was a fork it would be a lot of work. If done with plugins less so.

That may be the simplest approach. Categories specific abilities have been requested by many and apparently is on the todo list

But that would still leave the problem of having a massive number of categories

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If there is a hierarchy of categories, or a category type you could then be able to show/hide the categories more appropriately in the UI (i.e. in the navigation versus say a list of categories).

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