PAID Seeking discourse developer for user card/user profile customizations

(Tobias Eigen) #1

My nonprofit organization is building an online community using WordPress and Discourse and we’re looking for a discourse developer. Please get in touch with me via PM and tell me about your discourse contributions so far and your suggestions on how you can help move us forward. We’re interested in contributing back to discourse via plugins or pull requests whenever humanly possible and are enjoying the stability of our minimally customized discourse instance.

We have SSO set up and running properly thanks to @AdamCapriola and have set up some nice integration points to discourse e.g.

  • linking from WordPress user profile pages to discourse activity
  • setting discourse groups in WordPress
  • triggering Discourse PMs upon signup and content contributions in WordPress
  • organization affiliation set via WordPress in discourse custom field
  • user preferred language set via WordPress
  • location set via WordPress

There are a handful of plugins/features we’d like to see advance and can contribute funds towards, starting with inline post translation (originally started by @hugoalmeida but seemingly abandoned), sharing posts and topics via pdf/print, “softer” onboarding for new users, along these lines by @sperok but integrated, and *cough* a prettier view of tags, preferably using tag clouds.

More pressing however is to create linkages back to WordPress via user cards and user profiles. We’d like to display organization affiliation name, logo and link (available via custom fields) directly on the user card and profile page. If content has been contributed in WordPress by the user we’d like to link to their WordPress profile page (URL contains username) which will show a list of their latest contributions. The location we’d like to see link back to a filtered view of the member directory showing members in that country (also provided as custom field).

Show location and custom user fields on user card
(Adam Capriola) #2

@tobiaseigen is great to work for! I hope someone can help out. :slight_smile:

(Tobias Eigen) #3

Any developers out there? I’d be grateful for referrals as well.

We really want to get this work done and are able to pay.

(Anton) #4

I’m not a Ruby developer, but rather developing WordPress plugins and can consume Discourse API from WP, which would allow us to read from and update things in Discourse when something happens in WP admin panel.

If this is what you need, or at least partially what you need and you would like to be done as a separate WP plugin, let me know.

(Tobias Eigen) #5

Thanks! Great to meet you. @AdamCapriola is taking care of alot of that stuff for us so far.

Can you give examples of work you’ve done for others? Here or in pm is fine.

(Anton) #6

Not done any work for others for Discourse. However, if if this matters, I’m the author of the Twig Anything WordPress plugin that helps integate Discourse and WordPress. A few topics regarding it:

  1. Releasing Twig Anything v1.2
  2. Recently Joined widget for WordPress

(Tobias Eigen) #7

These are pretty cool - thanks for sharing! I’m glad to get to know you and am impressed by these plugins which I’m sure will be helpful for WordPress users.

Really this post though is about recruiting ruby developers who can make some discourse customizations and improvements that are a priority for my organization. And we have a budget!

So far I have had only one bite - @tgxworld who is interested in contributing to getting the inline translation plugin up and running again. That will be great! But I do still hope to find one or more developers who are able to help with the tasks listed in the OP.

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