PDF embedding and reading help

Hi Guys, we are having trouble with a wordpress plugin that we use for protecting our premium research reports, which are in pdf format, so our backup plan is to embed them in our forum.

However, when I try adding the pdf file it simply uploads it as an attachment, which is no good.

Is there a way to embed a pdf, like I would an image? I wouldn’t expect people to download and open the pdf, much like I wouldn’t expect them to download and open an image.

Any guidance would be appreciated. This is a big deal for us, so a solution is needed. Happy to pay a developer or buy a plugin if this is not natively supported.


Is the fact that the URL is hard to guess protection enough (you don’t care if someone could possibly share the link with someone and/or access it after their subscription ended?). If that’s important and you don’t want to use S3 and Secure Media Uploads and you’re self-hosted then I have a $500 solution with some minor caveats.

If you just want the PDF to show up in the post, check out Inline pdf previews


Hey @pfaffman , we pay discourse to manage our forum for us, so not self-hosted. Seems like any time I want to solve a problem this limitation rears its ugly head. Why does discourse make this so difficult?

Ideally, 100% secure pdf viewing is what I would strive. We don’t want people accessing our future content once their subscription expires. But content they paid to view is fine.

Unfortunately, secure media uploads is only available on our Enterprise plans due to the associated costs :frowning:

Then you don’t need to worry. If it’s in a protected category only those who are logged in can find the url. So just install the theme component and I think you’ll be ok.