Permissions and clients/users

I have been looking around but don’t have found the answer I’m looking.
1- It is possible to limit some users don’t be able to see some posts (only can see their posts) from some Category?
2- It is possible to limit users don’t see full Categories and all the posts from that category? Like the Categories arent there.

I’m not sure about your first question. However, for your second question you can use category security.

You can set it so that only a specific group of users can see the category and its contents.


I think the Discourse Private Replies plugin may help with the first?

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I have seen some in docs but I thought it only disable and still showing the content.

Just have talked a look and looks isn’t possible to do.

Category (visible)
Post from different user (non visible)
Post from own user (visible)

My objective with this is to use Discourse as one part to be the ticket system