Poll: Export poll results in CSV for poll creator?



Would it be possible for the poll results to be exported to a CSV file or so?

Context: Users in my forum created a pub quiz (see here if you’re interested to know more), but to tally the results one of the users is now going through the list of all answers, taking notes of who voted for which option. With 90 answers per question and 20 questions in a quiz, that’s a lot of tallying :slight_smile:

Life would be much easier if there was a way to export the results in some way.

Or, alternatively, is there an easy option for me to use voters.json in a creative way?

(Sam Saffron) #2

You can use data explorer for this, Data Explorer Plugin

Just need to author the right query and you should be good to go! I am sure someone in the community can help if we don’t already have it (search meta)

@rishabhn one thing to think about with the data explorer work is that we probably want to “ship” a bunch of useful queries longer term. Stuff like this is interesting.


Hi @sam,

Thanks for the tip! I am not the most prolific Querybuilder in the world, but this at least got me started, so with some effort I managed to get the results! Not in the prettiest of ways, but hey - works for me!

Thanks again!

(For those interested: grabbed the json straight from the DB, converted that to CSV and processed that in a spreadsheet. Clumsy, I know, but I got there.)