Possible to share a post by save a picture with a QR code?

please kindly check the following picture:

:arrow_up: Users can scan the QR code and jump to the forum directly.

Need to turn the text into a picture, and turn this url into a QR code.

This can greatly increase users’ willingness to share the post and reduce the difficulty for them to access the forum.

Does anyone have any ideas?

Thanks for reading!


I think this is a very handy idea, it could be achieved in a theme component using:


I estimate it would take 4-8 hours to build, if you wanted to commission such a component recommend you post on #marketplace

If someone builds it I recommend a button be added here via the component.

No plans to add this to core at the moment.


Could this also be implemented by choosing a qr-code provider / API ?

For example: a link to this page could be generated with following URL:

Or even better using the shorter form

I would appreciate pointers how to add this to a theme.

In my case I am looking for an easy solution to get a printout of a topic including a link provided by QR code.

Yes, that would also work.

This is somewhat complex if you aren’t familiar with Discourse development workflow. If you keen on learning Developer’s guide to Discourse Themes is a good start.