Post revision dialog broken on very long post

At SocialHub we have a post with a lot of content (110kb) providing a summary of our recent ActivityPub for Administrations (published page) event, contained in this topic:

In the last 36th revision Max Chars was exceeded (“Body is limited to 99000 characters; you entered 110582.”) and setting changed to 120000 before I could save. Save was successful, but when trying to check in the Revision dialog to see the diff, this dialog remains blank and also the revision number is shown as NaN:

It is not a loading issue, dialog html remains blank no matter how long I wait. This happens using Firefox 84 on Ubuntu, and the installed forum software is at version 2.7.0.beta7.


We currently have problems with large numbers of revisions because we ship them all to the client; this is something @joffreyjaffeux is looking at.


Thanks it gives me an interesting use case to look after :+1:


Sorry for necro this bug but I discovered it for my forum as well and was wondering if it’s still tracked for you?

I am still having a similar issue in this topic:

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